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12-02-2007, 04:05 PM
ok! here we go let me know what every one thinks! i for 1 would like to see all 1/1's put on a sept list all by themselves. lets take this example.1997 total cards are 402 minus the 1/1's this would make the total of cards 365 for 1997. there are 37 1/1's for that year. how many collectors on this site have a 1/1 from 1997? ZERO! on my personal i do not list these cards for that reason.lets look up the term or word,oddity A.K.A. "ODD-BALL" ACCORDING TO Funk & Wagnalls the definition of oddity is SINGULARITY! look up that definition it states one! A.K.A. "1/1" ! these cards should all have a sept,list. it is not what so ever a true goal to complete a list with so many unique cards1 here is another example of how outragious 1/1's are! in 2005-30.6% of all cards listed are 1/1's thats just plain NUTS! almost a 3rd of that year are 1/1's, 121 of them! you could offer $10,000,000 on ebay for the person thats comes up with all 121 and not worry about paying out! it will never ever happen! so please lets put these where they belong , on a sept 1/1's list. do not get me wrong,they are great cards! but a true un-attainable goal! what do you think? we need to do this,i do not think this is much of a debate when you look at the numbers! Rob.

12-02-2007, 09:34 PM
You have a point. 1/1's ARE harder to come by, than your run of the mill base cards, inserts, and etc. I agree. Having a 1/1 list can be a separation of them, as a honor of actually knowing who has what and can congratulate them on their find. I second the motion of the 1/1 list.