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09-05-2009, 03:10 AM

i am about done with ebay and paypal!!!!
look at the lot i sold above it is what it says and a lot more the buyer sent me an email and said there were not 350 inserts.i said there were 350+ inserts and parallels he said that this was not as the description states! and was sending it back for a full refund!i said fine go ahead.i talked to ebay and paypal about this and they said there was nothing they could do.i asked about the return policy of 7 days,( mind you this is 27days after the auction ended this person sent me an email he was sending back) now i an getting very irate with the person on paypal about this,he said they could ask for a refund 6 months after the auction ended,he stated the buyer takes all the risk,and said i should offer the buyer a part refund if i did not want the item back i did this and the buyer rejected the offer (20 bucks).and said i lied about the 350!that if i bothered him again he would leave me neg feedback!that the cards were on the way!i get the cards back 2 days later and he just threw them in the box with no bubble wrap or paper! the cards in the 2 400 count boxes were ok but some of the cards in the top loads were out with bent corners and a 100 count box of the 1996 collectors choice of the Cal Ripken collection were trashed! i am now very irate and sent the buyer a profanty lasted email twice with so many F bombs that it would have made Joe Pesci proud!told him to go ahead and leave a neg that i beat him to it (sellers can not leave a neg but it was not nice!) because of the trashed cards.i then called ebay they said to go through paypal.i called paypal and told them i had gotten the cards back and there were some badly damaged cards,they said to GET A POLICE REPORT and fax the findings to them.i went to the Brooksville police dept to get a report. i sat there for 2 hours to talk to a detective for 5 min he said it was a waste of his time to fill out a report for this.i am getting close to going Postal and told the cop about the taxpayer crap and all,and he said i should leave or it was going to really cost me! i went back home and called paypal,when i was waiting to talk to someone i checked my email and saw a paypal dispute claim.i read it and it stated since i had gotten the item back they were in favor of the buyer and gave a full refund,right then a "poor" person came on the phone, i asked the person to talk to Fay (that told me to get a police report).another 1/2 hour later, i asked Fay why they gave the buyer a full refund with out the police report? she stated it was policy,i then told her and the stupid ass F bomb laced idea she gave me to go to the police dept and how that went and how was it that i was not wearing a shirt that said looser on it blah blah *&%#@OIUO OIOYRUE*O^(*Y and so on. is it not funny that police and policy is only one vowel different! Fay said she should not be talked to that way,i said i did like being treated like a Dumb ass and to cancel my paypal account,she sent me to another dept where i did a Pesci on Thomas,he talked me out of it Amazing!ice water in this guys vanes! i am still thing of deep sixing ebay!! i get more cards from contacts anyway!the lesson here is ebay does not care as long as you are making them money. p.s. the buyer sent all 5 total profanty laced emails i send to him and ebay sent me their "police" policy on emails!i left 2 neg and 1 net today. no i was not being picky.just fed up with poor service i used to give a posi on a card it took 10 days to get! not any more! i am sick of everyone having cancer as an excuse!