View Full Version : Rant #8

06-20-2010, 03:29 PM
i feel sorry for the team that signs Albert Pujols after this year.Juan had his last great year in 2001.at age 32 Albert will be 31 in January. their power numbers are a mirror,in HR and RBI.i wish no ill will on any one but facts are facts!
#1. his health,he has ankle,wrist,elbow,and back proplems
#2. at his age they will get more profound!

so i would not sign this guy to a more than 2 year contract thats it!
if a team does then that moron jayson stark at espn can have a better player than Juan for stealing money! right now that would have to go hands down to soriano of the cubs 19mil and a close 2nd
la manny at 18mil