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nosterbor 12-23-2018 01:30 AM

Starting to hate Topps and collecting.
When does the madness end with retreading the same cards over and over in Topps Archives Buy Back Signature Series. Since 2015 they have used the same cards with just a different serial number, and since 2015 there have been 26 1/1' in 15. The did not have Juan in 16 Archives Buy Back Signature Series thank goodness. In 17 a whopping 63 1/1s and in 18 Archives Buy Back Signature Series there are so far as known 19 and counting 1/1s. that is 118 1/1's just in Topps Archives Buy Back Signature Series.

Since 2014 there have been 317 1/1's produced with all products. That is just nuts kind of takes the fun out of collecting especially when only one collector can afford to buy 85% of them. This might sound like sour grapes, then so be it:p.

Today is a full moon, so you can also call it.

GhostofZefo 12-24-2018 08:29 PM

That’s not sour grapes at all Rob. I expressed this same sentiment after the 2014 release. For one,I absolutely refuse to chase 1/1’s anyway(matter of fact,I only have one 1/1 in my entire collection). But my problem in general with Archives buyback autos wasn’t the plethora of 1/1’s,it was the 365,493 different versions that Juan had available in the product line,year after year. 90% of the cards Topps has chosen for him don’t even look good signed. So what I did was decide on one in particular that I liked,and purchased it. And I ended up grabbing one of the ‘91 Topps buybacks. That set design was timeless in my opinion,and the signature looks great on it. And I haven’t bought or shopped for any others since. I’m halfway inclined to feel bad for you guys that chase these 1/1’s. But hey,if it makes you happy....by all means have at it.

gonza19 12-24-2018 10:51 PM

That's the reason I don't chase 1 of 1's!!!! Specially the Archives auto. Year after year the same cards with a different stamp!!! I do like some 1 of 1's like the relics, they do look nice!!! Eventually I'll buy one when I can afford it!! I got all my cards in binders, thats how I like them, and 1 of 1's come in the thick acrylic which is difficult to keep inside binders. I use the 4 slot sleeves for thise but take too much space!! It's like graded cards!! Same thing. I only have 5 graded cards and 4 are RC's and the other is a PSA 10! Back to the autos is hard to keep up paying a hundred or more for each card!!! You guys enjoy collecting Juan!!! I know I do and if anyone want to sell cheap cards I don't have, please let me know!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!

jzk_ksy 12-25-2018 12:40 AM

While I do agree there are way too many 1/1s in the archives sets, I do keep buying them. Each of us collectors have different collecting styles. Jonas likes the oddballs and variations, Dan likes the PSA 10s, Rob likes trying to put runs of 1/5,2/5,3/5,4/5,5/5 of the same card(which he is successful at), and me? Yeah I like the 1/1s...


jcmel323 01-06-2019 06:03 AM

How do you guys know how many topps archives were released?

I've heard rumors that the're more but they were never released.
My friend had one unreleased of rafael palmeiro 1/1

538 01-06-2019 11:23 PM

I don’t like 1/1 either.

AdamGoneWild 03-03-2019 03:07 AM

I agree one hundred percent. I only look at buybacks for the original card involved, not the subsequent re-number. My crazy tipping point was seeing cards like 2015 Tek as a buyback. Topps printed so much product during the 90s, it could release a 1/1 for a card like 1991 Topps each year, for millions of years from now. I would not be surprised to see Topps have a completely 1/1 set, with dozens of worthless buybacks, released in the near future.

AdamGoneWild 03-04-2019 04:41 AM

The day after I posted my two cents, karma stepped in, and I won a Best Offer on eBay for a 2018 Topps Archives 1/1 signed in silver, and sourced from a 1998 Topps Gallery base card. $46 plus $4 shipping. Unreal.

jzk_ksy 03-07-2019 04:30 PM

Nice grab... for a great price

nosterbor 03-07-2019 06:11 PM

Well done!

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