View Full Version : a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush!

04-12-2008, 04:54 PM
please read the title! i have had 5 collectors on this site send me want list.i take time to give prices and send it back right away and make sure i have the card.what tic's me off is when i get no reply! thats is very RUDE! if you do not like the price, the just say no thank you! I GIVE EVERY ONE THE SAME PRICES! if they are to high do you think Mike would pay right away? Sam just sent me a list i am working on it. there are a lot of low numbered cards i only have 1 double of.so who ever pays for the card first gets the card.sorry.but when i see plain numbered cards to 50 with no auto go for $22-$30 from collectors on this site! and people baulk at $18 i shoot them for a card numbered to 20 or less,PLEASE:eek: SO INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS 5 TIMES I DID IT ONCE. YOU "ALL" KNOW WHO YOU ARE. it is not one or two collectors, you snooze you loose! if you want it get it. i do.